Hello World (Again)

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After some recent changes within Legion Works Games, I decided it was time to redo the website. Before, I had tried to create my own CMS (Content Management System) in Rails, but I’ve come to find with just one person that is more trouble than it is worth.

Personnel Changes

This company was initially started by Brett Maxwell (myself) and Lina Clair. Lina has decided to move on and work on her own projects. I wish her the best with her personal pursuits and she always has a place here.

Moving forward I will be running this myself, contracting other people for art and music where needed.

Site Structure

I’m mostly using this site as a way to show what we are working on. The blog will be used when I need to make announcements about Legion Works as a whole or for topics not pertaining to a specific game I am working on. I’ve created a projects page that has a list of games we’ve previously made and items we are currently working on. Any game specific updates and development logs will be created where the projects live on https://legionworksgames.itch.io/

The Next Year

I’m hoping to have Dungeons and Dividends, my latest game, completed and released mid march. I’m currently doing alpha testing and if you would like to try it out you can sign up here.

You play as a shop owner selling goods, such as food, clothes, and armaments to the people. You can also travel in a caravan on an adventure to collect items to sell.

After this game is completed, I may be starting on a new project that’s scope has yet to be determined.

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